In another industry first, we are proud to release the first-ever RPG (role playing game) inspired spin game. Designed to be HTML5 mobile-perfect for handheld gaming, the player takes the role of the game’s hero, with a third-person fully 3D camera tracking the player’s adventure throughout the game.Despite the RPG elements and truly immersive gameplay, Dungeon: Immortal Evil stays true to its spin game-based origins – all wins and losses are RNG-based, no skills or knowledge can help – it all comes down to the luck of the spin and the RNG algorithm.

To unlock the Bonus Achievements, the player must battle their way through a number of Dungeon spaces, fighting with enemies who protect the final level’s Boss. Every Bonus level has an RNG determined reward, equal to money, and once the player is victorious on each, there comes a chest with a random selection of a weapon, armour upgrade or health potion.

The final showdown comes with an epic boss fight and the chance to win a bet multiplier of up to 5000x!

Raccoon Tales is a Mach 3 video game. The game is themed around adventures of a brave Raccoon. The main character will fight against monsters, dragons and find caves filled with treasures.
Actions take place in two levels at once: in the forest where Raccoon travels and on the reels. Both levels are interconnected. For instance, the power of Raccoon’s attack on a rival depends on amount of winnings symbols dropped on reels or defeating the Monster may extend winning series.
Video game provides 5 bonus mechanics, 3 Free Spin modes, and 3 types of Random events. All these features were wrapped in one captivating fairy game by Evoplay Entertainment company.

In our most explosive epic yet, we bring you Nuke World, a post-apocalyptic tale that is sure to get the pulses racing! With comic-book inspired characters each with their own radiation spawned superpowers doing battle, come with us on an immersive dive into an alternative future.

A match-3, 7-reel game online with wilds, random events and bonus features galore, Nuke World is meticulously designed, fully-HD ready and developed with mobile gaming in mind.

On our battlefield our main hero Captain Fox takes on his evil enemies: Rhino, Rooster, Chameleon and Armadillo, and
with each victory bringing its own unique reward.

Rack up enough wins, beat the game’s enemies and with each winning combination, players attain an additional set of unique bonuses and rewards when victorious, leaving them sure to come back for more.

Set to be one of our most unmissable game online this year, we challenge you to join the battle!

  Surf Zone is a game online with a built-in betting function, where the summer is endless, the waves are high, and exciting betting opportunities are waiting to be realised.

Our 4 charismatic surfers, Anaru the penguin, Jess the parrot, Clint the seagull, and Liam the pelican are ready to ride the waves in the Surf Zone game online, and inviting you to bet on them to win the big surf-off!

Thrill-seeking players can ride the multipliers, as well as a Double Wild symbol, Free Spins, and a gnarly soundtrack for the full surfing experience.

Make the waves in the Surf Zone game online play for you!

Only today and only for you, Evoplay Entertainment is lifting the curtain for one of this year’s most anticipated circus performances.

The title is Midnight Show, and the stage – our reels, full of magical symbols, surprises and special effects – will give players the chance to win big.

Your hosts for the evening, Mr. Hokus and his glamorous assistant Annabel, invite you to take your seat – the show starts now!


During the Free Spins, Beauty Wild and Showman Wild can merge and cover two reels.

Welcome to our new game, ‘Fluffy Rangers’ – a chivalrous tournament set in the magical forest of Rabbitland.

Five characters – Katara the sheep, Shu Shu the raccoon, Lin the monkey, Drago the coyote, and Shadi the lynx – have come to Rabbitland to fight for that coveted title, ‘Knight of the Rabbitland.’

Join the Rangers Tournament by playing ‘Fluffy Rangers’, and let the strongest win!

Collect the required number of symbols to activate the SPINS feature and trigger the Free Spins game.


When a certain number of high-value symbols falls into the collection zone, the Ranger indicator is filled and moves to the next reel.